The democrat’s open border policy at the southern border is a plague on our country and it’s overwhelming American cities close to the border and in other areas that the illegal aliens are being bussed to. 

But the democrats don’t care. 

They are shipping them all over the country to disperse them so that no one is paying attention to the high numbers of people invading our country.

In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided that he’d had enough and decided to send busses of illegal aliens to DC for a little payback. 

Why let the rest of America suffer the consequences of democrat policies? The District of Columbia should be right in the mix of things with everyone else.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser doesn’t like Abbot’s plan very much and complained about it on Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” She thinks that the poor illegal folks are being “tricked” into going to DC even though they get into the buses and travel there voluntarily.

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Aid groups are also complaining – saying there are not enough resources for the illegal aliens in DC. Really? Not enough resources in the nation’s Capitol of all places? What kind of heartless people are controlling that place?? What kind of incompetents?

The overwhelmed non-profits and advocates for the illegal aliens are getting up to four buses a day with 40 people each. They just can’t keep up. Homeless shelters are filling up. Food and other resources are scarce even though the feds give them lots of money to cover the costs.

And of course, Mayor Bowser wants even more help from the federal government. 

The democrats never want to deal with their bad policies in their own back yards or the consequences or the evil plans they force on the the rest of the American people.