What’s going on in the land of recruitment in the armed forces? Not a whole lot. No one seems to want to work under President Disaster. 

I really can’t blame them. Vaccine mandates. CRT classes. Being shipped off to process illegal aliens…. It’s not what your normal soldier signs up for. They want to protect America from communists and fascists – not work for them.

Currently, every brach of our military is having a hard time meeting their 2022 recruiting goals. That’s because it’s voluntary and no one wants to volunteer to be an employee of the Biden-Harris administration, the folks responsible for the FUBAR in Afghanistan.

An NBC article quotes retired Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr of the Heritage Foundation as saying, “This is the start of a long drought for military recruiting” and points out that the military hasn’t had as hard a time in signing recruits since 1973.

Hm… what was going on during 1973? Oh yeah… the draft had ended and the United States left Vietnam.

With recruits currently being disqualified to join the military because of criminal records, drug use and obesity, the pool to choose from is smaller to begin with only about 23% of young folks ages 17-24 qualified to serve. Those left to serve don’t want to put their lives in the hands of democrat employers.

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And as we all know, it’s not just Biden who is an un-preferred employer. VP Kamala Harris has been hemorrhaging staff for a while now, the latest being her main domestic policy adviser and her speechwriter.

I know, I know… the jokes have been all over Twitter… you mean Harris actually HAS a speechwriter?? Who knew?

Vice President Word Salad has lost about 13 members of her staff in the past year or so since sleeping her way into the White House as a “soul destroying” VP – and the exodus continues.

As Harris famously said, “…we got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are – because you have been forced to have to take it seriously.”