The chickens have come home to roost and they’re not getting coffee any time soon.

Starbucks in 16 locations across the country are closing because of crime problems. You can’t stay open if you can’t protect your employees or customers.

Starbucks announced the closings by saying they have “experienced a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate” and plan to open new locations with safer conditions.

Challenges? Would that be challenges from criminals that Starbucks supported in the past? The behavior that Starbucks supported in the past?

I seem to remember a tweet Starbucks sent out in January of 2021 where they said, “We witnessed many protests over the course of last summer in our hometown of Seattle, which were overwhelmingly peaceful, sought to protest systemic racism and acts of police brutality.”

Uh, no… they were NOT overwhelmingly peaceful. The democrat mob with help of their Antifa and Black Lives Matter friends were constantly attacking police, vandalizing businesses and setting things on fire. I don’t want to say that Starbucks got what they deserve but it looks like Starbucks got what they deserve.

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When you support lawlessness and stand in solidarity with criminals, this is what you get. You don’t get criminal insurance just because you give lip service and tell domestic terrorists and crime mobs that you stand behind their cause. You don’t get immunity from their lawlessness. They are criminals.

CEO Howard Schultz admitted, “Starbucks is a window into America…we are facing things in which the stores were not built for…we’re listening to our people and closing stores, and this is just the beginning. There are gonna be many more.”

The closings are occurring in six crime-ridden bastions of democrat-ness including Los Angeles; Philadelphia; Portland; Oregon; DC and Seattle.

The summer of love has become a summer (and fall and winter and spring) of crime and now a lack of coffee.

Starbucks no longer wants to serve customers with mental health problems in an area with drug use and societal problems. I can’t imagine why. They support all the democrat politicians and their policies that led to this.