(Please read this in the right frame of mind, knowing that I am irritated and pointing my finger at the democrats and no, I am not drinking alcohol)…

Listen, elitist democrats in the government, bureaucracy and the media… it’s bad enough that you’re holding this endless kangaroo count January 6th BS with no due process in your effort to finalize your coup against Trump that started way back with Russiagate. 

We’ve accepted the fact that you are lying corrupt people and got the best of us with all of your election fraud and illegal rule changing.

But when you start interfering with my soap operas, that WON’T be tolerated. 

Keep your stupid clown show on the cable networks. Nothing you have done is worthy of either primetime OR breaking into The Young and the Restless.

You have been exposed to be liars and cheaters for years. When we turn on the TV every day all we get is lies from you. Lies from Biden. Lies from Biden’s Press Secretary. Lies, lies, lies…and especially lots of lies during these January 6th hearings. 

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You are even SO sick that you are sending a 69-year-old woman with breast cancer to prison for two months for the crime of trespassing at the Capitol on January 6th.

This is happening all the while there is rampant crime in the country because democrat cities are letting alleged rapists and murderers out of jail and are also opening the doors of our country to terrorists who are crossing over our non-existent southern border.

You are truly sick people and I have had enough. Your TDS has absolutely no limits.

Everybody and their brother (and sister) knows that Trump was mad that you stole the election from him and I’m sure he used every bit of his time and energy to figure out how to fix it and how to expose you. This is not news to anyone.

He was blocked at many levels by even his own people who were too spineless or incompetent to help him or give him good advice to be able to do anything about the fraudulent election. Do I care if they were all fighting over it? No. Do I care that his own daughter might have had a different opinion on the election than he did? No.

You have NO smoking gun. You have no crime. 

The only crimes committed in the past decade have been by Obama, Clinton and Biden for making money on the side in the form of bribes, for selling out our country and committing a coup. And for using every agency of the federal government as their personal staff to keep their fortunes and power.

Democrats are the ones who should be investigated. Democrats are the ones who should be in jail.

The Big Lie is YOUR big lie, democrats. That’s what your party is based on. Lies.

I believe no “trial” that doesn’t have a prosecution AND a defense. All witnesses need to be investigated and cross-examined. All “evidence” needs to be examined.

What a joke you are. 

You have a Nazi-style court, pressuring everyone to say what you want them to say – or else. They will say what they have to say to save their own skin because you have proven that your power is unlimited.

The person who is responsible for January 6th is Nancy Pelosi. 

There should have been a National Guard presence at the Capitol. Period.

And you have to ask yourself why there wasn’t.

But we all know, don’t we.