While you were hopefully engaging in amusing activity Thursday night, I was covering the J6 hearing. Granted, armed with good bourbon and a cigar. But even those ameliorants did not save me from revulsion at what was, for the most part, a blatant dog and pony show.

There were exceptions. Kinzinger, though grandstanding, was good. His manner was sharp and to the point. The witnesses were good. Marine and former Deputy National Security advisor Matthew Pottinger was superb, again proving why Marine officers are the best individuals this country has to offer. Former White House commo aide Sarah Matthews was also acceptable, showcasing Trump’s prediction for Wall Street hot female aides.

Both McCarthy and McConnell came off well in statements and videos. They called a spade a spade and put blame where it exactly should be, with Trump and his peasant army who stormed the Capitol. Mike Pence still comes off as a hero, Trump as an out of touch lame duck who brooded in the White House while morons ran amok down the street. White House advisors, even family, advised Trump to call a halt to the riot. Nope. This bridge and tunnel Hamlet, usually so forceful, now just watched and worse.

The rest was not only a hit on Trump, but a partisan political broadcast designed to stop a Republican landslide in November. Liz Cheney loses all credibility by her open admission of that goal. Even her departing line tonight, “See you in September,” shows that this is being timed to affect the fall elections. Cheney’s new found PC sensibilities when it comes to gender and age, specifically her cheap shot about older men, undercuts any other message she put forth. She has become a Democrat hack.

Cheney knows she’s about to be voted out office in August, her opponent is up 20 points, so she used tonight as a last hurrah of sorts, probably auditioning for a Quisling show on MSNBC. If she had stuck to the overwhelming evidence against Trump she’d at least go out with integrity. But no, she had to debase herself by carrying water for the left. Pathetic.

More takeaways? Dem Rep. Elaine Luria of Virginia was whiny, mouse-voiced, and festooned with enough jewelry to choke a czarina. Some Dem committee member was idiotically still wearing a face mask, as it’s now a virtue signal with that crowd. Perhaps they could go all the way and wander around in hazmat suits, thus sparing us all contact with their inner contagions.

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However make no mistake, the real goal of Cheney and Pelosi in these hearings is to keep the House in Dem hands. Trump is their tool, their pawn, but not the mission. If they get Trump as well they see it as frosting on the cake. But come November, they want to eat that cake and stay in the majority too.