Think about it.

Maybe Hutchinson isn’t a liar – or even saving her own butt. 

Maybe she’s working with her old boss Mark Meadows and President Trump to bring down the January 6th committee and expose them as the corrupt clown show that they are.

Wouldn’t that be grand?

Call this a conspiracy theory if you will but it’s a good one.

Consider these conversations happening…

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Liz Cheney (off the record) to Hutchinson: You’d better come up with something or you’re going to jail. We’re not playing around. We can ruin you.

Hutchinson: I have told you everything. There is no more to tell.

Mark Meadows to Hutchinson later: Well, give them something. Give them something outrageous that will come back to bite them when fact-checked by people who know how the Secret Service operates and staffers who know the kind of access you have. Give them heresy. If the committee releases your statements in public without fact-checking them, that’s their problem. They’ll look totally ridiculous and the Secret Service will publicly refute your claims. The committee will lose all credibility.

Hutchinson: But won’t the democrats go after me for perjury?

Meadows: No. They’ll think you’re still on their side and if they go after you, you can tell everyone that they threatened you if you didn’t lie for them. We’ll have them boxed in.

Meadows in a phone call to Trump: We’ve got them. They won’t know what hit them.

A lovely scenario, isn’t it? Yes, I think Trump (and his loyalists) are smart enough to go after the dumb idiots on the Jan. 6th committee. These are NOT smart people.

Democrats are VERY predictable so gaming them isn’t very had when you put a little elbow grease into it (which the cowardly republicans rarely do).

Some of the statements by Hutchinson and the reporting by the democrat press is so laughable that my scenario seems more and more likely every day.

Take for instance that Meadows supposedly asked Trump for a pardon after the Jan. 6 attacks. Even if true – so what? But Huffington Post not surprisingly went ballistic going after Meadows and Joe Scarborough told Mark he’s in deep sh*t. For what I don’t know exactly. They just feign outrage and pretend like crimes are being committed when the democrats have done much worse committing REAL crimes – and continue to do so every day.

Meadows, as you know, defied the Jan. 6th committee subpoena. He sent one of his former top aide, Hutchinson, instead. And she did a bang-up job, didn’t she? A bang-up job for Trump.

Hutchinson’s lies during her testimony are numerous and being exposed at a rapid pace. There appears to be made up conversations and easily proven lies.

And Trump, of course, is playing his part, commenting on Truth Social, calling Hutchinson a “phony social climber.”

Can you imagine the payoff for Hutchinson if she pulls this off and the committee is totally discredited? She’s got committee member democrat Maryland REP Jamie Raskin cheering her on and saying that she’s an “entirely credible witness.”

She even got Liz Cheney to praise her by saying “I have been incredibly moved by the young woman that I have met and that have come forward to testify in the Jan. 6 committee… America had the chance to meet one of these young women yesterday, Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson.”

Holy heck. Hutchinson could end up being Trump’s VP.

Social climber indeed. LOL.