Every day I hear about how Biden and the democrats have tools in their toolbox that they are going to use for something or another. 

With the country in the toilet, I’m hoping it’s a plumber’s toolbox but I haven’t seen any tools being used by the democrats – and I definitely haven’t seen a toolbox.

Nothing is getting better. Nothing is getting fixed. Their toolbox sucks – if it even exists at all.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s toolbox is all about helping women get abortions. She said recently in a press release, “We all need to get creative and use every tool in our toolbox to protect reproductive freedom in Michigan and across the United States…”

Senator Cory Booker wants to “deploy” every tool available to ensure women’s healthcare. New York Mayor Eric Adams says “we need to use every tool at our disposal” to safeguard access to abortion. 

They’re all about the tools.

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Politico worries “What’s left in Biden’s climate toolbox?” They are fretting over the Supreme Court’s decision which ruled Obama’s EPA overstepped their authority with their sweeping approach to regulate greenhouse emissions.  

And of course there is always Democrat Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who likes to talk about Biden’s toolbox. She talked about toolboxes back in November of 2021 when she said that Biden had told his team “Use every tool that we have to deliver relief to the American people around supply chains.”

Also in November, Biden made remarks about new Covid pills and said, “We have already secured millions of doses. And the therapy would be another tool in our toolbox to protect people from what – the worst outcomes of Covid.”

Before that, in October of 2021, Michigan REP Democrat Brenda Lawrence talked about voting rights legislation and said that “we should put all tools in the toolbox on the table.”

I’d really like to see that because this democrat toolbox they keep talking about has gotta be HUGE and it sounds like it’s the answer to all of their problems.

So where the heck is it??