As I write stories, I need to do research but it’s nearly impossible these days with the Trump-hating Google.

I did a search the other day and I asked for lies said about Donald Trump. 

Pretty straight forward. I should get about a gazillion results from that search.


I just got a bunch of links to lies that Trump has told (in the opinion of Google and their leftist friends).

I got results right at the top of the web page that said “new book claims Steve Bannon admitted Trump ‘would lie about anything.’”

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And let’s see, what else…

“Kinzinger says Trump would probably lie under oath to Jan. 6th committee.”

Also at the top of the search…lots of CNN stories like…

The 15 most notable lies of Donald trump’s presidency.

And 10 trump election lies his own officials called false.

And of course, we have WaPo whose headline screamed “Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30573 over four years,”

I even used quotation marks in my search and I still got the same crap back. Doing a search phrase or sentence in quotes used to be a way of getting around biased results – but no more.

Google is no longer a search engine. They are the marketing arm of the democrat party.