Right around noon on Tuesday, Fox News was showing Joe Biden live handing out Medals of Honor to Vietnam Veteran Army soldiers for their heroism above and beyond the call of duty. It was happening during Harris Faulkner’s show The Faulkner Focus. 

No matter who is president, this is something that Fox News will almost always cover live. CNN and MSNBC not so much. 

While we watched Medal of Honor awards presented to the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War, the other networks were busy with the Highland Park shooting.

But it’s not like things would have been any different if there hadn’t been a Highland Park shooting. They still would have been covering more important things – they would have been complaining about abortion rights or running Pfizer ads and trying to cajole parents into getting their two-month-old a Covid vaccine.

The two leftist anti-American networks otherwise known as CNN and MSNBC don’t care about things like veterans and medals for bravery and heroism. 

It’s not their thing.

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At the very least, it was a rare opportunity to cover President Disaster doing something good and not totally screwing things up. You don’t get that chance very often.

But the leftist networks had better things to do while Fox News used their airtime to support and thank the people who fought to keep us safe and guarantee our freedoms.

Faulkner said of the men during her show…”Our hearts are with them in that room…That is so important and so needed and long overdue. God bless them for their service.”