On The Steve Gruber Show on Monday, our favorite talk show host Steve Gruber was asking what people would do if they won the upcoming Mega Millions lottery that has an estimated jackpot of $810 million.

Gruber said on his show that if he wins, you would be subjected to “Gruber all the time” through some sort of conservative network.

However, at his advanced age, it’s unlikely that he’d be able to commit to a 24/7 work schedule so he’d either have to have other people on the network doing news segments or we’d have to watch re-runs of past Gruber monologues.

With the winning numbers for the Mega Millions lottery being drawn last night at 11 pm, I’m sure we all know by now if Gruber hit the jackpot or not by seeing if he’s still on the air Wednesday morning.

If he won, I expect that he slept in and will use the day to make plans to go camping and fishing somewhere. He’ll probably take a nice long vacation before he gets to work on GNN, the Gruber News Network.

Of course, we all know who’d be doing the heavy lifting for the company. That would be his executive producer and hard-working wife, Ivey.

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It’s not all about him though. When contacted about his future plans as a millionaire, Gruber responded, “I would create a foundation to help get young people into the trades. In order to re-build America, we have to learn how to build again from the ground up.”

And, oh, yeah, he’ll be getting a Land Rover Defender 90 – customized of course.