Was thinking about what to write today and everything seems overdone or redundant. Midterms? Did it. China? Check. Trump? Uh huh. Biden? Of course. Hell, yesterday I did a fake vacation guide for socialists.

So in keeping with the summer theme, or until I come up with something better, here’s a nifty screen and beach reading guide for the discerning conservative. No, this one isn’t fake.

Basic requirements are placed upon the offerings on the list. They’ve got to be non PC, clever, and original. They’ve got to leave you charmed or thinking. They’ve got to be something you could see with or recommend to your kids.

1). Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris- Saw it last week. Great film, really captures Paris in 1957. The score is excellent. The lead actress, Lesley Manville, is charming and the engenue, Alba Baptista, is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

You’re asking, why should I be interested in a foreign fashion film? Well, it’s about a lot more than fashion. But fashion is history, a snapshot of predominant cultural thoughts and trends of the time. And remember, politics is always downstream from culture. So, check it out.

2. My Early Life, by Winston Churchill- What was the savior of the West like as a kid in the late 19th century? Okay, maybe not a subject that keeps you up at night.

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But combine the exploits of Indiana Jones and match them up with the plot of The Great Escape and you get a minor taste of Churchill’s youth. Whether it’s growing up in aristocratic splendor, his sad relationship with his parents, his awkward school days, his military record all over the world, or his journalistic endeavors, Churchill looked for adventure and found it from Cuba, to Africa, to India. Join him in the hunt.

3. Art, A New History, by Paul Johnson- Written by the greatest living historian, this is a great primer in the study of art. Like fashion referenced above, art is a look into the window of ages past and a description of how we got to where we are culturally. Johnson takes us from the caves of Altamira to David Hockney and spares little visual detail in getting there. Johnson is also a serious conservative.

4. Anything on YouTube by Roger Scruton- The late Roger Scruton was one of the leading conservative philosophers of our age. His video clips on art, culture, and politics are gems to be treasured. Scruton saw our cultural decline as a product of replacing beauty in our lives and in art with the dull and tedious works of marketing men and professional agitators. He sees through liberal lies and hypocrisy to diagnose the issues of the modern West. He is sobering yet hopeful. If you are looking for engaging conservative thought, this is your man…Thus plunge into all four of these recommendations. The intellectual water is a perfect temperature.