“We’ve definitely got him now!”

That’s been the mantra of the left ever since Trump decided to run for president. 

They have been eternally optimistic from the beginning that they’d be able to destroy Donald Trump with their lies and coup attempts.

There were the Access Hollywood tapes…


The Charlottesville lie…

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The veterans hoax where they said he called fallen soldiers losers…

The women who were constantly coming forward to accuse Trump of sexual harassment…

The Mueller investigation…

The impeachments… 

Or any one of their thousands of strategies or stories using “a source close to the president” every day to take down Orange Man Bad.

The poor democrats…Trump has always been able to survive their slings and arrows – until they were able to rig an election and take him out that way. 

So then it was over. 

Or was it?

Because then came January 6th and they saw a new opportunity to take down Trump. With their TDS firmly entrenched in their brains, they really couldn’t stop their ongoing vendetta against him – and his supporters.

It was no-holds-barred (and still is) to get Trump at any cost, regardless of adherence to the Constitution and due process. Just get him – and anyone in his orbit.

To that end, CNN has been the leader in the January 6th committee coverage (unless there’s a breaking story on abortion or a mass shooting). Other than that, CNN is pretty much January 6th all the time now. 

I think the more accurate name for these folks would be “J6N” as in the January 6th Network

They are hoping to finally “get” Trump this time. 

This time. This time. This time. Finally. They’re going to do it. Or so they say.

Grab your popcorn because it’s a big prime-time event this Thursday. Must-see-TV.

It’s been a “damning portrayal” says CNN of the hearings. And now the finale??? Probably not.

CNN says that the January 6th committee is “determined that the former President’s new political maneuverings and the attempts of House Republicans to taint them will not prevent it from getting the facts out even if it is already clear that many pro-Trump voters do not wish to learn the truth or should not let it affect their votes.”

Ah yes… the truth and the facts. That’s what democrats are ALWAYS committed to whether they are reporting on Trump or COVID-19 or election interference or the border or anything else.

They’d love to see Trump in jail but at the very least, they’re doing their best to keep him from running in 2024. Or at the very very least, keep republicans from voting for him. 

They’ll take what they can get.

 And then they will start it all over again with something new. Some new way to target Trump and talk about it all day long.

To be continued…