President Disaster can’t be feeling good about things lately. The country is swirling in the toilet and even his most loyal media friends are gunning for him.

On the other hand, I don’t think Biden is aware of much of what is going on these days.

Have you ever watched him on mute? It’s even scarier than listening to him. He’s going to be 80-years-old in November – and it shows.
Every day the question is right in front of us – who is worse, Joe or Kamala?
Yikes. Not a great choice.

Some folks in Joe’s media empire of democrat stenographers may have already decided.

Judging on the headline from the leftist Washington Post that says, “Quit, Joe, Quit!” It appears that they’ve decided, at the very least, they want him to go away after his current presidential stint ends.

WaPo says, “President Biden should announce now that he will not run for reelection in 2024. He should not ask the Democratic Party, or the nation, to assume the risk of a second four-year term that would begin after he reached the age of 82.”

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They REALLY want him to announce his impending retirement before the midterms so that the democrats don’t completely get wiped out in November. They don’t want the voters to judge all of their candidates on the “merits of Biden’s presidency.”

Even democratic congresswoman Cori Bush won’t commit to publicly supporting Biden to run again. When asked she said, “I don’t want to answer that question…”

The AZ Cental says, “It democrats want to save their future, it’s time to cut Joe Biden loose.”

So it looks like their Trumpism antidote has run its course. Next please.

WaPo says Biden would have a “new freedom” if he didn’t run again. Yep, we know what that means. Scorched earth. Completely destroy the country because there will be no consequences. He could focus on all of the radical agenda items and be totally unconstitutional in everything he does (not that he isn’t now).

Back in June, Joe warned his media pals to be better because he didn’t like the way some of them were covering his overly competent administration and wonderful accomplishments. He thinks that he deserves more – i.e. more lies, more spin and more CYA.

Will the media comply or have they already waved good-bye to the old man?