You might think that the baby formula crisis has been solved since you’re not hearing about it every day and you know that President Disaster in on the job and has been shipping in formula from all over the planet.

And with the reopening of the Abbott Plant in Michigan, all is hunky-dory again, right?

Not right.

The New York Post is reporting that according to the market research firm IRI, 28.3% of powdered baby formula products were out of stock in U.S. stores the week ending July 10th. That’s a higher percentage than the May 22nd reporting of 23.7%.

So parents are still on the hunt for formula to feed their infants and don’t always have a whole lot of choice when they find some.

IRI cites consumer hoarding and manufacturers prioritizing certain formula packs and packaging as well as consumers buying smaller containers at the store as reasons for the continuing shortage.

Despite Biden’s Operation Fly Formula, the formula isn’t available at the level that families need it. So like most things, his solution is a PR move more than it is competent leadership and policies put in place to solve a crisis.

Joseph Antos, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, concurs. He told The Post, “This idea that some publicist in the White House came up with what really meant to impress people with the administration’s concern.”

Shortages are expected to persist for several more months.