Riddle me this. If, as pro abortion types claim, the “right” to an abortion has been ended, then why have woke corporations like Disney, Uber, and Apple pledged to provide free transportation and lodging to women traveling to states that allow abortions?

Where are these women going if abortion has been outlawed throughout the land? Obviously, it hasn’t. Abortion will still be legal in most of our biggest states, perhaps in a majority of states. But that won’t stop the left from perpetrating another Big Lie.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said “women have no rights that states are bound to respect.” None? Even in New York, California, and Illinois, states that will still permit abortion, all run by hard left governors? And Reid has more than 28 million social media followers, all of them sheep to be sheared.

More from Reid: “The Christian nationalist right is building Gilead in America and the Supreme Court is their deliberately, relentlessly, Federalist Society, Bush, Trump, McConnel-created [sic] weapon. And this is just the start. Buckle up women, LGBTQ people and people of color. We’re all on the menu,” Reid insisted.

But, how do gay people get impacted by abortion? And how is this a hit on “people of color” when a majority of abortions were performed on black women. Is Reid against the birth of black babies?

“F–k this illegitimate SCOTUS. F–k the Republican party that enabled this. And if you don’t care that this decision makes women second-class citizens, f–k you too. We don’t have the luxury of time–we need to fight NOW. It’s Democrats vs. Fascists in 2022. Vote accordingly,” said Mary Trump, niece to former President Trump.

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Well Mary, “second class citizens”? So a majority of states may likely keep abortion, but that makes women who reside in them now second class citizens? Are women who live in pro life states third class citizens because they may have to comfortably travel, courtesy of Uber, across a state border and, courtesy of Disney, stay at a no doubt posh hotel (nothing is too good for our infanticidists) in order to procure an abortion?

And Mary, “fascists”? If Republicans are fascists then how is any pro abortion newspaper in any Republican run state still in business? Why haven’t they been shut down by fascist thugs and their editors and reporters sent to a DHS concentration camp? If you’ve recently traveled to a Republican led state, then how are you, dear Mary, still at large to write loony pro abortion screeds?

Ironically, as fascist is screamed, the pro abortion fanatics are using the same Big Lie technique that Hitler used against the Jews and Stalin against the kulaks. But Joy, Mary, and their ilk already know that and they don’t care. Anything is acceptable to guarantee the right to slaughter innocent children. Herod, call your office.