With poll numbers in the tank for President Disaster with 33% disapproval of what he is doing and 64% of democrats preferring someone different to run in the 2024 election (94% of young folks under the age of 30), Biden is still touting love from his democrat friends during a time when 77% of the American people think the country is moving in the wrong direction.

He has grasped on to the New York Times/Siena College poll that says that 92% of democrats would vote for Biden if Trump was his opponent. Newsflash, Joey, democrats would vote for a snake (which you are), a cockroach or a slimy snail over Trump. That poll means nothing. That’s why you “won” the last time. 

But I don’t even believe the poll – people don’t want to be stuck in four more years of open borders, rampant crime, store closures, worker shortages and the inability to afford food and gas.

33% of democrats cite Joe’s age as to why they prefer another candidate in 2024, 32% says it’s job performance, 4% doubt his ability (only 4%??), 10% say he isn’t progressive enough and 12% just want someone new.

When pressed by a reporter who asked Biden what he has to say to democrats who don’t want him to run again, the president said, “They want me to run. Read the poll. Read the polls, Jack. You guys are all the same. The poll showed that 92% of democrats, if I ran, would vote for me.”

Hm… someone should tell him that his longevity and career aspirations depend on Trump.

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Red alert to Liz Cheney – she had better stop the January 6th clown show and give Trump some good press if the dems and the RINOS want to keep Biden around.