Just like M&M’s, we learned on Friday from the democrat party that women DO exist.

For months and months and months and months, the democrats have told us that women don’t exist anymore. They’ve used that principle to allow men in sports, prisons, bathrooms and locker rooms.

Just last week during a Zoom meeting with the state’s democrat party, Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer called women “people who menstruate” when talking about protecting access to abortion. She said she “brought a lawsuit on behalf of all menstruating people in Michigan.”

During questioning, incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson could not define what a woman was during questioning.

But after the Dobbs case was ruled on, overturning Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, all of a sudden, democrats all over the country were defending women’s rights to bodily autonomy. “My body, my choice” has been their mantra.

Not only was the hypocrisy of their bodily autonomy argument laughable because they had no problem forcing women to take COVID-19 vaccines, but they also became disingenuous frauds when they started using the word “woman” and “women” all day long on Friday.

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President Biden tweeted “only the Justices named by one president have been unanimous in upending the scales of justice and eliminating a fundamental right for women in this country.”

The White House twitter account also talked about depriving “women” of their right to choose.

VP Kamala Harris tweeted “millions of women in America will go to bed tonight without access to the health care and reproductive health care they had in the morning.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a statement that the government is denying “women” the right to control their own bodies and futures.

Even governor Whitmer discovered womanhood all of a sudden. She tweeted, “Women across our nation are waking up today with fewer right than they had yesterday.” 

What a joke. That’s what democrats are. Frauds and jokes.