If China decides to stop shipping us rare earth minerals or they are unable to do so due to supply chain issues, our planes will be grounded, tanks will stop moving and our communications will come to a halt.

China currently controls 90% of the world supply of rare earth minerals.

These minerals coming from China are needed for electronics and for our F-35 fighter jets, our tanks, surface-to-air missiles, hand held radios and all sorts of other things.

What kind of idiots would put our national defense in the hands of another country? 

What kind of idiots indeed.

That would be idiots in the House and Senate as well as idiot presidents, past and present. From both parties.

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But there are a few of our politicians actually paying attention to this idiocy and they have come up with something called the REEShore Act. 

According to Fox News, this legislation would “help create a larger stockpile for the US military along with creating more incentives to mine these minerals in the U.S.”

Too little too late. 

We should have been doing this all along.

But the democrats aren’t going to let it happen. We can’t possibly mine in the United States because of environmental regulations. The planet would be upset with us.

So, as with many other things, we’ll continue to rely on terrorists and adversaries for military supplies, oil, pharmaceuticals, baby formula and everything else we need.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will be meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe this week. 

No doubt to beg and plead for them to give us more stuff – like the democrats do with the terrorist oil producers. 

Security of the United States be damned at every turn under the Biden-Harris administration and their America Last policies.