The J6 hearings have been interesting. Tuesday’s episode, if corroborated, paints a very unattractive picture of the 45th president on January 6th 2021. It also showcases a very positive side of those around the president who tried to mitigate his behavior. That’s an issue, as much of Tuesday’s testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson seems very self-serving.

At any rate, the entire J6 hearing process is but half the story. If this committee was truly interested in violent political agitation it would be also investigating incidents in 2011, 2020, and recently in Arizona on June 24th. It won’t. Hopefully a Republican House will remedy that oversight next year.

You ask, what incidents? Well, there’s the 2011 Wisconsin Capitol occupation you probably forgot about. I had until a sharp associate reminded me. There’s the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 that were certainly attempts to influence a presidential election, and last week’s leftist attack on the Arizona Senate. Let’s recall the details.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said this on J6, “The images at the U.S. Capitol brought back horrible images from when the Wisconsin State Capitol Police were overwhelmed in 2011,” Walker tweeted, adding, “In 2011, 100,000 occupied the Wisconsin Capitol and square. They defied law enforcement and took over the building. Riots and violence are never the answer!”

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When will we find out who plotted this? Who funded it? Who organized it? It was the first modern takeover of a Capitol complex, but no Democrat wants to remember it. They prefer it fall down the abyss of the Orwellian memory hole. However, not so easy to dismiss is the memory of American streets in 2020.

Armed Marxist and terrorist thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rampaged, looted, burned, killed, and vandalized across the nation in an effort to intimidate the American people into voting for Joe Biden. Biden did not denounce the insurrectionist campaign. Instead, he actively supported it. It lasted months and cost numerous lives of law enforcement personnel and innocent bystanders.

Who payed for the prepositioned bricks and other riot accoutrements? Who led and planned the highly coordinated events? George Soros, a foreign intelligence agency, the Democrats themselves? Was there operational collusion with major media? Was there contact between Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Biden campaign?

We know none of these answers. Oh, there are definite suspicions, but no credible data because neither government, law enforcement, or the press has investigated these matters. The Republicans must get answers next year if they are in the House majority.

And then just days ago, radical abortion zealots took over the Arizona Senate. These J24 thugs were no doubt fanatical in their denunciations of J6. But they knew they could use the press double standard to their advantage. Before other left wing groups, who have no respect for democratic norms, decide to use violence in their quest for raw power, the light of day must shine on what they’ve done in the past. In a fair reckoning, what’s good for J6 is good for J24.