Biden is NOT a poster child for great fatherhood. 

He’s got a drug-addicted grifter son in Hunter Biden who collects money for the Biden crime syndicate. His bad behavior and character flaws are numerous, all enabled and encouraged by father Joe.

And because his daughter Ashley’s diary has surfaced, now we know that there has possibly been pedophile behavior going on between Joe Biden and Ashley – behavior that will never be investigated, of course.

Hair-sniffing Creepy Joe, who likes to stand uncomfortably close to children and touch them, seems to have a creepy history with his own family as well.

In his daughter Ashley’s diary, she writes “I have always been boy crazy. Hyper-sexualised @ a young age…I remember somewhat being sexualized with (a family member) I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; shower with my dad (probably not appropriate.)”

I don’t think most people lie when they write things in their diary so this doesn’t appear to be fake news – but the drive-by media is staying as far away from the story as possible.

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If only Biden would do the same with little girls.