The democrats are anything but tolerant and anti-racist. Anything but. 

Google Margaret Sanger. Google who ran the KKK. Google who fought a war against freeing the slaves. Google anything having to do with the racist history of the democrat party.

The democrats are no better now – they just hide it better and wrap it up in a better package. They call their racism Critical Race Theory and they have their Planned Parenthood abortion factories in as many minority neighborhoods as possible to reduce the black population.

Democrat politicians don’t care about black people. And many of their supporters either. They can’t stand black conservatives and call them every name in the book from Uncle Tom to n*gger.

There are lots of hateful things on social media right now about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas being said by so-called anti-racist democrats. It’s going on all over Twitter right now. Democrats are loyal to the party, not to the minorities they claim to care about and represent.

When you think about SYSTEMIC racism, it certainly DOES exist – within the democrat party. It always has. And have their whole voting based going along with their con. It’s really quite ingenious.

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Because the democrats refuse to lose anything, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that because of the Dobbs decision and the overturning of Roe v. Wade that there are threats of violence against pro-life groups, churches and people. 

People like black conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

Sick people on social media are calling for the assassination of Thomas. Even before that, leftists were posting home addresses and calling on violence against republican Justices, which is partly responsible for the man who attempted to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.

Not all of the threats to kill Thomas have been taken off Twitter, to no one’s surprise. Besides the assassination threats, leftists are threatening to burn down the whole court.

Just another day in the land of the democrats where cheating, threatening and terrorism is their current election strategy – with a little bit of racism thrown in along the way.