Back when Trump was president, we knew that he actually cared about America and our veterans. He didn’t take a knee for the flag and made sure that the Department of Veterans Affairs was funded and things were back on track after Obama ignored our veterans for years.

Unfortunately, with Biden and the democrats in charge, veterans are back to being second class citizens.

We saw this a few months ago when we heard that the Biden-Harris administration was talking about pulling VA doctors and nurses to send them to the border. It was an asinine idea that was only stopped when their evil plans were exposed to the public.

But it’s not just about the things they’re thinking about doing. It’s what’s actually going on now that is concerning. The democrats are back too overseeing an incompetent and corrupt VA again, because the treatment of the veterans is not a priority to them.

Wait times are back and so is employee fraud among other things.

A recent report by the VA inspection General points to about $4 billion in problems in the last six months according to the website Just the News.

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So what’s going on with the Biden VA? Fraud, stolen property, unpaid reimbursements, kickbacks, embezzlement, stolen drugs, neglect of veterans resulting in death, sexual battery, and more.

Waiting times for patient services are 48 days for new patients. That’s almost two months! In addition to that, VA facilities seem to be fudging the wait times by not following calculation rules. They don’t want their incompetence exposed.

Peter O’Rourke, former acting VA Secretary under Trump said during a John Solomon Reports podcast, “We’re just seeing over and over again decisions being made, programs being reversed and really just the same kind of disappointing trajectory.”

Yes, anything that worked under Trump… anything that benefitted Americans… all of that is taken off the table by Biden and the democrat party.