While former president Barack Obama runs the country from afar, two of his top go-betweens are Biden’s Chief-of-Staff Ron Klein and Director of the Domestic Policy Council Susan Rice.

You hardly ever see Susan Rice. She’s in the background. She’s coordinating. She’s making sure everyone is on the same page and that The White House is running according to Obama’s plans.

Yes, on paper, Joe Biden is the president and Kamala Harris is the vice president.

But the new gun grab by the democrats needs someone of competence to run the scam – and it’s quite obvious that neither Joe nor Kamala are capable of getting the job done.

So Susan Rice will be heading up the Biden-Harris administration’s gun control efforts. 

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said there is “no one better” than Rice to be the leader of this effort.

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Yes, it’s the same corrupt Susan Rice who was one of the “unmaskers” of the names of Trump administration people in intelligence reports (remember Gen. Michael Flynn?)

Yes, it’s the same lying Susan Rice who told everyone that the Benghazi attack was about a You Tube video.

She’s a company man. Sorry. A company woman. 

So she’s being rewarded for her loyalty by being given a project that, if concluded in a satisfactory way, could propel her into being a 2024 democrat presidential candidate.

Because neither Joe nor Kamala are up for that job either.