The Biden Administration was all giddy last year that everyone would be saving 16¢ when we bought food for our July 4th extravaganza. They shouted the news from the highest rooftops everywhere.

Our 16¢ savings was proof of Biden and the democrat’s excellent management of the economy. No inflation to see here they said.

Looks like things have changed quite substantially this year because our meal will be costing everyone 17% more. The Farm Bureau came out with their latest costs for your July 4th BBQ and things don’t look good for the dems.

The Farm Bureau points out that ground beef prices are up 36% from 2021 and chicken breasts gained by a third. We’re spending 17% more on our food – resulting in, guess what – the BIGGEST INCREASE SINCE THE LOBBYING ORGANIZATION BEGAN TRACKING THE DATA.

Great job, Joe. You keep making unprecedented “progress” in America. 

So enjoy your expensive festivities, everyone – but don’t go to the pool because it looks like Bidenomics and bad democrat policies have also resulted in a shortage of lifeguards which could cause about 1/3 of the nation’s private and public community pools to shut down.