The “justice” system is currently allowing leftists to harass and intimidate republican appointed Supreme Court justices outside of their homes even though federal law 18 USC 1507 clearly does not allow it. 

Antifa and Black Lives Matter were allowed to riot in the streets all over the country for more than a year – with full riot gear, committing arson and murder, hurling Molotov cocktails at police officers.

That was all fine and dandy.

And it will be all fine and dandy if the Supreme Court nixes Roe v. Wade and the leftists go apocalyptic in the streets. 

It’s always fine and dandy because the democrats have some greater good they are involved with. Their corruption and evil and illegalities are not to be touched.

Hillary Clinton’s attorney who participated in the Russia hoax and lied to the FBI was acquitted by a leftist jury. 

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Obama, Joe and Hillary have all been cleared of all of their spying and the coup against president Trump and the voter fraud they were involved in. Nothing will ever happen to them because they are democrats.

Leftists are protected while the right is targeted and prosecuted. 

The corrupt political system is manifested in th Democrat’s January 6th Committee in the House of Representatives. They have turned a riot against democrat voter fraud and their coup against the president into a witch hunt of all things republican.

Every January 6th rioter (and every grandma drinking tea in the area that day) was tracked down by legal and illegal means. If you pushback against democrat fraud and corruption, you will pay the price. No stone has been left unturned.

Except the Pelosi stone of course. Thou shalt not question Pelosi about why the National Guard wasn’t approved to protect the Capitol and those inside. Thou shalt not ask about Ray Epps or the FBI’s involvement in the rioting that day. We will never actually have a truthful account of what happened that day and the days leading up to it.

It’s also fine and dandy for the leftists to go after Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s children and her church just one day after the assassination plot against Justice Kavanaugh.

And rioting? Rioting was cool and appropriate when Antifa and BLM did it in the name of George Floyd – but over the weekend a group called “Patriot Front” was arrested on conspiracy to riot. The police said they had plans to riot at a LGBTQ pride event in Idaho.

The group wore protective equipment – shields, shin guards, masks, and hard hats, not surprising gear when you are facing leftists who never get arrested for anything. I haven’t found one article mentioning any weapons but apparently they were going to riot anyway.

Good job, police. You can catch conspiracy to riot on the right but can’t do anything about actual rioting on the left.

A country cannot survive with a corrupt justice system – with leftists who have their own justice system who won’t prosecute democrat crimes – but who will put their political enemies in jail because they have the power to do so.