Sorry, Paul Ryan, we reject you and your kind. 

It looks like it’s currently RINO season and it’s not something we’re willing to put up with anymore.

We’ve had Ronald Reagan as president and just as importantly, we saw what could actually be done when Donald Trump was president and he stayed loyal to the republican base. 

We know what real conservatism is and we know who we can trust to put America First and not sell us out at every turn.

For decades we’ve put up with RINOS because they are better than liberals. But not much.

The problem now is that elected liberals aren’t liberals anymore. They’ve turned into leftists. 

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So we must have real conservatives in office to fight the evil and corruption from the leftists.

For some reason, the unwanted Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House, is out in the public again. He’s campaigning for REP. Tom Rice of South Carolina who voted to impeach President Trump. 

We also have republican senator John Cornyn and others meeting with democrats to discuss gun control policy. When RINOS meet with democrats on democrat issues, the outcome is never good.

At the same time, we have unlikable Trump-hater Wyoming REP Liz Cheney running for office again. Not surprisingly, she’s about 30 point behind in her recently announced re-election bid.

Maybe it’s because she happily joined the democrats in their January 6th witch hunt against President Trump.

Or maybe it’s because she calls her own party House leaders racist and antisemites in her audition for a future gig on CNN.

Cheney has plenty of money and lots of RINOS on her side to support her like George W. Bush, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. 

What she doesn’t have is Wyoming voters who want her in office.