I’m not sure why the democrats hate women so much but it’s been apparent the last few years that they do.

Their latest insanity is their gun control legislation of raising the age limit of owning certain semiautomatic riles and shotguns to the age of 21.

The House of Representatives included this dangerous nonsense in their latest bill call the “Protecting Our Kids Act. 

They should have named it the “Unprotecting Young Women Act.”

If this bill passes in the Senate (luckily it won’t), many women would be killed. 

Even when the legislation doesn’t pass in the Senate, the democrats won’t give up on their gun grab. It’s “assault” rifles now but they never stop in their quest to take away our rights. If they get those guns banned, they’ll move on to the others.

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The second amendment says our gun rights cannot be infringed but that’s all the government does is infringe on them constantly. 

If the democrats get the age of gun ownership changed federally some day, young women across the country will be murdered, unable to defend themselves.

There will be real world consequences that the democrats don’t care about.

What will happen to the woman who is being stalked?

What will happen to the woman who works with a creepy guy and has to walk into the dark to her car every night?

What will happen to the woman who left her ex-boyfriend after he assaulted her multiple time?

What about the woman who lives in the middle of the country on a long winding dirt road?

What will happen to the single woman with four kids whose neighbor was robbed and the criminal wasn’t caught?

What will happen to the woman who now lives in a crime-ridden city due to “Defund the Police” democrats where rapists and other criminals are being released in the revolving door or the “justice” system?

The democrats don’t care about these women who haven’t reached the age of 21 yet and are leaving them to be sitting ducks to rapists, stalkers and murderers.