The Biden administration is probably “happy” that other recent news items have swept the baby formula crisis off most of the news networks, even Fox News.

The abortion decision, the dead illegal aliens in the truck, the train derailment…other things are front and center in the news now so most people might think that Biden has solved the baby formula crisis with his planeloads of supplies from foreign countries dubbed “Operation Fly Formula.”


Things are not improving and they probably won’t for months. Even CNN has had to admit this. Stock rates are down with more than 21% of formula products (ready-to-drink, liquid and powder) out of stock as of Sunday the 19th.

A Georgia mother of twins, Quinn Shealey, talked with Fox News about her new full-time job of finding baby formula. She said, “Yesterday, I visited 25 stores, called upwards of 50 stores. No one has it.”

Fox News says that her 6-month-old twins were born about two months prematurely and ended up in the neonatal ICU. She is unable to produce enough breastmilk for her infants and both are allergic to cow’s milk and have other digestive issues. Because of these issues, she has to buy Nutramigen formula which she can’t find anywhere.

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Maybe the Biden FDA who shut down a major supplier of baby formula with no evidence that the formula was dangerous, should have thought about people like Shealey before they made such a stupid decision.

The idiotic Biden administration currently thinks things are okay since sales are up – they jumped 24% at the end of May. To them, that means there are enough supplies. NO, IDIOTS. The formula is just more expensive – like everything else. And there is more demand because people are hoarding.

Clay Travis, co-host of the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show recently commented about the insanity of the democrats and their Jan. 6 committee show trial happening while the country is on fire. He tweeted, “We’ve got forty year high inflation, cities are setting all time highs for murders all over the country, gas prices just set an all-time high, the border is wide open, hell, mom’s can’t even find baby formula, and democrats see all this going on and focus on Trump?!”

Ys, that’s the democrat party for you.

Speaking of Twitter, there are actually Twitter sites dedicated to helping parents find baby formula as well as local Facebook groups with parents trying to find baby formula anywhere in their state. Only in Biden’s America do things like this happen.

Meanwhile, anti-baby companies like Facebook (Meta) who are on board with helping women abort their babies are doing NOTHING to help moms get baby formula. 

I guess companies like Lyft, Yelp and Facebook are more productive when their employees don’t have kids.