Our military continues to be decimated and made into a joke under President Biden. 

He’s sending our weapons to Ukraine. He’s forcing vaccines on military members. He’s forcing racist CRT teachings on them. He’s making sure our service members use the “right” pronouns. He’s using them to help process illegals at the border.

And more recently, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made a statement about how protecting abortion is a priority. 

Seriously?? He’s spending time looking into that?

All of this wokeism and leftist adherence to fundamental transformation is leading to a serious recruiting crisis and security issue. No one wants to join the military under Biden.

So while the military tries to find a way to help women get abortions, the Navy is playing pretend war games against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

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Sometime this week, because of a Biden Executive Order on sustainability, the Navy will have a half day (at least it’s not a full day) exercise where they fight climate change. 

This comes on top of the Navy having an “inaugural diversity, equity and inclusion summit” where they had a speaker from the terrorist group, Black Lives Matter. The two-day extravaganza opened with a yoga class. How fun.

Not sure what the climate change war entails. Sand bags? Umbrellas? A replica of Noah’s Ark? 

At least they’re not wasting the time of our soldiers doing this climate change war game. It’ll be some folks at their desks playing games.

This exercise goes hand in hand with the Navy’s Climate Action 2030 plan which was developed to make sure that the Department of Navy cuts their greenhouse gas emissions.

Yes, that’s a priority for the democrat Navy. Not keeping us safe. 

No surprise to any of you, I’m sure.

Like every other federal department, as I have been telling you, the priorities of the Biden military are diversity and climate change. 

I’m curious though…If the sea levels rise, shouldn’t the Navy be okay? Don’t they have boats?