In a shakeup in the republican gubernatorial race, at the end of May, the Michigan Bureau of Elections accused five republican candidates of turning in fraudulent signatures that were on their nominating petitions. 

These signatures were collected mostly by circulators and then submitted in order to be put on the Michigan August primary ballot to run for governor.

Candidate Michael Brown dropped out of the race and Donna Brandenburg still has an outstanding court case pending.

Candidates James Craig, Perry Johnson and Michael J. Markey Jr. recently lost their cases in the Michigan Supreme Court because the court doesn’t want to take up the matter. 

Democrat Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack said “There is nothing here meriting our further time or action.”

Yep. Voter fraud that helps democrats is NEVER looked into.

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Self-funded candidate Perry Johnson isn’t just taking things lying down and is not accepting the rulings coming out of the Michigan democrats who are running the state.

Perry has filed a federal lawsuit to stop the printing of Michigan ballots asserting that his due process rights have been violated and that the Michigan Bureau of Elections changed their petition review practices to “arbitrarily invalidate” over 6500 signatures.

Perry appeared on The Steve Gruber Show on Wednesday and accused the Secretary of State of having information regarding the fraudulent signatures back in March and not doing anything about it.

The candidates were apparently not told of the problems until there was basically no time to fight against it and are now scrambling to figure out what to do. 

Perry says that the Bureau of Elections knew about the problem with the signatures and the petition group back in March and did nothing about it. They didn’t communicate the issue to anyone. He told Gruber “They knew about this the middle of March” before the signatures had to be turned in.

The 17-page report from the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections came out on May 23, 2022. The deadline to finalize the ballots was June 3rd. 

Perry was also asked by Gruber if he was open to doing a write-in campaign if he loses in court again. He said he was open to the idea. “Definitely,” he said during the interview. “No doubt about it.”

Craig is also looking into a write-in campaign according to The Detroit News.

Meanwhile, no information has came out of the attorney general’s office about any arrests for fraud against the 36 paid circulators who collected the candidate signatures for up to $20 a pop.

It’s interesting that the DEMOCRAT Michigan government is so concerned about signatures all of a sudden. When it comes down to getting democrat votes from mass mail-in ballots, EVERY signature is counted no matter what. But with republicans, things totally change. 

When it comes down to being able to control which republican candidates are allowed to run against democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer, signatures for republican candidates are scrutinized with a magnifying glass to look at handwriting styles, if information is crossed out, if information is in the wrong box, and if the ballots are wrinkled or creased or folded or scuffed up.

Anything “suspicious” to the democrats was thrown out which led to them choosing which five candidates they picked to run against Whitmer.