Cheney is way way behind in her Wyoming primary to keep her seat in Congress. 

I can’t imagine why. 

Could it be her nastiness? Could it be her never-ending Trump Derangement Syndrome that led her to impeach Orange Man Bad and join the Jan. 6th committee?

Unfortunately for her, the Wyoming republican primary is just that – a republican primary. It’s not an open primary. So she needs “republican” votes. 

So Cheney is asking democrats to switch parties to support her on August 16th. She’s actually put information on her website on how to change their party affiliation.

She’s also sending out direct mail pieces to democrats to tell them how to switch parties. I only wish I could find one of those. I imagine it has an ugly photo of Trump and says something like “do you hate Trump too?”

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Back in February, she said she wasn’t going to go after democrat votes. Guess she lied.

Cheney is very upset that Trump- endorsed Harriet Hageman is looking like she’s going to beat her skirt off. And rightly so. 

But don’t worry, Lizzie. I’m quite sure you’ll be offered a gig at CNN or MSNBC. In fact, I’m quite sure you’ve already talked to them about it.