In Ernest Hemingway’s book “The Sun Also Rises” there is the quote “Gradually, then suddenly.”

It was an answer to the question, “How did you go bankrupt?”

This answer can apply to most anything. It’s the frog boiling slowly in the pot story. You don’t really notice it happening and you don’t do anything because you think change will come without your input. 

But you would be wrong.

During the Obama years, Barack pushed new things along constantly to “transform” us but he let us adjust to the shock a little bit.

But now that the democrats think they are invincible, they are just going for it – doing what they want. 

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They are letting the entire planet in through the southern border.

They are trying to bankrupt us with rising energy and food costs.

They are doing what they can to raise the crime rates across the country to throw us into chaos.

They’re trying to get rid of our cars.

Most of the time, they get no push back. When they do, they just go a different way with their strategy. 

If they lose in Congress, they put something on the ballot. If they lose in court, they have Biden do an Executive Order. 

And their latest strategy has been using Antifa and BLM rioting when they don’t get their way to scare people into compliance.

And their biggest victory of all, of course, was when they couldn’t complete their coup against Trump when he was in office, but they were able to commit enough voter fraud with the help of China’s virus to get rid of him and install Biden.

Now that the democrats have their incompetent president in The White House and limited time to control the House and Senate, they have been going full speed, implementing their evil plans across the country at warp speed.

But why not? Who’s going to stop them – the republicans?