Rules for thee and not for me.

The energy killing democrats love lecturing us about fossil fuels and all of the dirty energy that we use. They want us all using wind and solar energy.

But for themselves? Well, as you would expect, they have different rules. 

Like Mr. Carbon Footprint John Kerry constantly jetting all over the world.

Now you can add former President Obama to the green energy hypocrite list.

The great Obama is getting himself three huge propane tanks that will hold about 2500 gallons on his Martha’s Vineyard property where his mansion sits.

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Go big or go home. 

It will be the biggest propane reserve on the island.

Propane is considered a fossil fuel but Obama doesn’t care. He needs it. 

What is the big deal that he’s pumping nitrous oxide, methane and greenhouse gases into the air if he’s able to live comfortably and host parties?

We should leave the poor hypocrite alone.

The board of Edgartown, Massachusetts approved his application, of course, even though member Michael Donaroma said that a private-residence propane tank is “typically a fraction of the quantity being requested.”

It looks like the sea levels will start rising again with all of the greenhouse gases that Mr. Hot Air Obama will be releasing into the atmosphere.