How do ya like staying home all weekend because you don’t have enough money to fill up your tank to do what you need to do?

How do ya like having a new baby and not finding baby formula to feed your child?

How do ya like the fact that there is a tampon shortage in the United States?

How do ya like being lectured by the democrat political elites that you need to buy a $60K car because they’ve destroyed our energy sector and raised gas to $5 or more a gallon?

How do ya like going to Olive Garden for dinner and waiting an hour because they only have enough staff to open up about 1/3 of the restaurant?

How do ya like paying $400 more a month for gas, food and other necessities under the Biden presidency?

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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How do ya like going into a hospital and not getting the nursing care that you need because they are short staffed?

How do ya like your neighborhood turning into a war zone because the nut job democrats in your city have defunded your police and let criminals walk?

How do ya like the illegal aliens swarming into your city, increasing crime and drug overdoses – while using your city’s schools, hospitals and other resources?

How do ya like the democrats conspiring with their tech friends to censor what you say on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and your other social media sites?

How do ya like Biden, the democrats (and the RINOS) working together to take away your second amendment rights?

How do ya like goin’ to the store to get something you need for a birthday party and seeing that they are closed because they have to limit their hours?

How do ya like your car or your dishwasher or your lawn mower needing to be fixed and having to wait weeks for someone to look at it – only to find out that they can’t get the part needed to fix it?

How do ya like sending an astronomical amount of money to Ukraine to extend the war and not do anything for them to achieve an actual victory – while the veterans in our country are in need of health care, social services and affordable housing?

How do ya like the fact that Biden abandoned Americans and our allies in Afghanistan to fend for themselves– and is a weak and feckless anti-American president on all foreign policy decisions?

How do ya like having to take out a loan to pay for dinner at Arby’s for a family of four?

How do ya like how the local, state and federal government used COVID-19 and emergency powers to get your business  and your church shut down – and then they got rid of police, doctors and other needed workers because of vaccine mandates?

How do ya like the democrats ignoring Antifa and BLM and their radical armies – while they label parents going to school board meetings as domestic terrorists and they are fine with the illegal harassment (and attempted assassination) of republican appointed Supreme Court justices?

How do ya like the criminal democrats never going to jail for their crimes – and never even being indicted?

How do ya like the rising costs of Obamacare and Medicare?

How do ya like the democrat destruction of our energy sector and the warnings of blackouts this summer?

How do ya like knowing our president is evil, corrupt and senile – but the option to replace him is even worse?

Supply chain problems, pandemic lockdowns, vaccine mandates, labor shortages, ever-increasing gas prices, a crime wave… the list of democrat failures is never-ending. 

The democrats infiltrate our lives in a negative way on a daily basis and I’m sick of it.

How about you?

How do you like it, America?

November can’t come soon enough.

For everyone. Even democrats.