It’s not unusual to get very emotionally agitated when innocent people, especially children, are gunned down in cold blood by evil lunatics. During that grieving it is normal to let loose with all kinds of ideas and proposals that may not stand scrutiny in the light of day.

As the light comes and some use the legitimate emotions of tragedy to politically manipulate an issue, we need to step back and logically remind ourselves of the basic facts when it comes to calls for generally unconstitutional and unrealistic notions for gun control. We owe that much to the innocent. We owe more to America.

1) These shootings would not have been stopped by gun control- Evil individuals, the unbalanced, and criminals will get black market guns if they are not available on the general market. You see, that’s what criminals do. They break laws, including gun control laws.

2) Age restrictions won’t work either- Many of the weapons used in mass shootings have been procured by disturbed murderers under the age of 21 from the collection of family members over 21. Again, there is also the black market. In this circumstance, you can’t repeal the law of supply and demand because you don’t like the supply. Same goes for drugs.

3) The left’s narrative is blatantly false- When a shooting happens who does the left and the media blame? White male NRA members. Just one problem. None of the mass shooters have been NRA members and none have exactly lived the life of a Republican Ozzie Nelson. Many of the teenage assailants have been brought up in a culture designed and promoted by the extreme left wing of pop culture. No wonder they are murderous loners.

4) Unless you repeal the Second Amendment, most gun control proposals are unconstitutional. The ones that are left are not supported by empirical evidence.

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5) There is no such thing as an assault rifle- I know, I know, this is a no brainer. But it needs repeating. First of all, rifles are by nature used for defense, assault, or deterrence. Since the left doesn’t want to emphasize the last two, these weapons suddenly are exclusively for assault.

And because the modern left has little to no familiarity with weapons of any sort, having not served in the military or law enforcement, they see any rifle, point, and shreik, “ASSAULT RIFLE!!” just as they would climb on to a table if they saw a mouse scurrying across their kitchen floor.

Those of us who have been around the block or two with rifles know that a weapon that looks like a hunting rifle, which some of the left tolerate, and one that looks really tactical, which frightens the bejesus out of them, can be the same weapon only dissimilar by look. It’s frustrating to have to spell out these simple facts when it comes to the gun control debate. But if we don’t time and time again logic and reason will be lost amidst the emotionally manipulative authoritarian cacophony issuing forth from Democrats, the media, and the left.