Nobody cares about the January 6th committee – except Trump haters with no lives of course. It’s a diversion. It was created to help the democrats in the November elections, to keep Trump off the ballot the next go-around in the presidential race, to federalize our elections and to get rid of the electoral college.

What did the committee find out? My guess is they have “evidence” that Trump and friends were trying to figure out how to reverse democrat election fraud.

That can’t be allowed.

That’s why the democrats have made sure that “criminal” Trump supporters who paraded in the Capitol are getting harsh sentences and being locked up in prison. 

And it’s why they went after former Trump aide Peter Navarro to way that they did.

They must make examples of everyone – everyone who cares to push back against democrat voting fraud.

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The democrats know no that one cares about their January 6th committee and that is why they’re having their January 6th show on primetime – a political show. They think they are the Johnny Depps of entertainment and that the country will tune in to their show on their network and cable TV shows. 

And it comes at a perfect time when the democrats need to divert everyone’s attention from the disaster that they are forcing on the American people including the border crisis, the baby formula shortage and $5 a gallon gas. 

What is a democrat to do when they are screwing up everything and their failures are on full display?


Trump is always their answer.

And the message they are sending to everyone is clear. 

Don’t even think about going after democrat cheaters who interfere in elections. If you do, you will surely pay for it – like the January 6th paraders and Navarro.

The networks SHOULD be airing the REAL attack on our democracy by showing Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2000 Mules” which outlines one strategy that the democrats used to steal the 2020 election.

The January 6th hearings will end up being a nothing burger because it’s a one-sided witch hunt against Trump and his supporters that most people don’t care about.

But not surprisingly, the democrats are putting all of their election eggs in one basket because Trump hate is STILL all they have going for them.

In order to get people to pay attention to the January 6th extravaganza, the democrats have worked on a well-produced Hollywood show, with former ABC news executive James Goldston helping them to edit and produce their blockbuster.

And a blockbuster is what the media is expecting. They will promote is as much as possible and devote lots of airtime to it.

CNN expects it to be better than “Top Gun Maverick” and they’re practically wetting their pants about the whole thing. Opinion writer Dean Obeidallah calls it an eight-episode extravaganza with some of the show airing in primetime.

He’s hoping against hope that it’ll be the BIGGEST blockbuster of the summer. 

Good luck with that.

While Trump haters sit in their basements in their underwear with a bowl of popcorn watching the Insurrection Show, the rest of the country will be watching baseball, Netflix and SpongeBob SquarePants – or working all day to be able to afford a gallon of gas and a pound of bacon.