As if things aren’t bad enough, the democrats think that increasing the interest rate will improve our economic woes.

Uh, no…

THEY ruined the economy (on purpose) and are on track to keep it going.

Earth to democrats – stop spending money and unleash the production of U.S. energy.

It’s not rocket science. It’s an easy fix.

But no…instead, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates today by 0.75 percentage points – that’s after adding a 0.25% hike in March and 0.5% in May.

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We see NOTHING real coming from the Biden-Harris administration to turn things around. They just keep pouring gas on the fire.

They don’t care if their new fed rate plan tanks the housing industry or puts an extra burden on people who can only afford to put their gas and food on credit cards. Or if businesses layoff workers because they can’t afford to fund growth or even status quo.

Their “solution” will not combat our inflation. But it WILL get a lot of them voted out of office in November.

The problems that caused inflation are NOT being addressed. It’s mostly the cost of gas which is making EVERYTHING more expensive – a direct result of Biden’s war on fossil fuel. But it’s also democrat COVID-19 policies and government spending.

What we need is more products on the shelves, more people working and more U.S. energy production. 

But the democrats have no plans for any of that and raising interest rates won’t give us more food or tampons or baby formula.