WFB famously said his election counsel was always to support “the most electable conservative.”

Well, Donald Trump is not electable and he is no conservative. He’s a populist. But the Republican Party should be most concerned with his electability, as if we lose against a palooka like Biden in 2024 it will be an own goal to rival the Dem presidential race suicides of 1972, 1984, and 1988.

That brings us to Thursday. The January 6th committee’s prime time splash began tonight. It’s a partisan propaganda festival, so nobody in their right mind watched it. Though I have to. Part of the job. You’re welcome.

The Dems think they will score great points and head off a Republican midterm tsunami by linking January 6th with the present Republican Party. They hinted at it when Dem shill Liz Cheney said there were those in the committee room audience who approved of January 6th. She, of course, meant Republicans. No love lost there.

However, the committee’s show could do great work for the Republicans because swing voters may be convinced by its selective editing and partisan exhortations. Swings could fall for it in battleground states.

The committee’s claim centers around a vast Republican plot orchestrated by Trump to overturn the 2020 election. Nahhh, just a riot of riff raff that got out of hand. Did Trump exhort them to mayhem? Yes. But some were looking for trouble long before Trump spoke that day. Though, he had stirred them up previously with his loony stolen election rants and tweets.

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Back to swing voters. If this television spectacular makes the Trump brand less attractive to them then Trump becomes more vulnerable. Right now only about 35 percent tops of the GOP base disdains Trump. If it rose a bit there and rose big time with Independents and swings it could induce Trump to bow out of the 2024 race or make him seriously beatable. Either works for clear headed Republicans, who want to see a DeSantis or Tim Scott, or even Noem as opposed to Trump, a candidate half the country hates and whose negatives are stratospheric and may go ionospheric.

Ergo, he is not electable, will be less electable after this propaganda broadcast, and so must be dumped forthwith by responsible Republicans at the national level. Sure, he can run in 2024. But if a DeSantis or another viable challenger would emerge then national Republicans would have a way out and could legitimately dump him on electability alone. Even if a Nikki Haley could pull a McCarthy 1968 on him, it might start the avalanche away from Trump.

Now I know some of you see this as blasphemy. But for just a second, ask yourself: Does the Republican Party have a better chance of beating the Democrats in 2024 with or without Donald Trump? You know the answer on electability alone.

That’s why the Republicans need to distance themselves from Trump now so the splatter from these hearings, and Trump’s probably frenzied response, will not stain them badly. If they play it smart the January 6th committee will hurt Trump and thus help Republicans in 2024. Thanks Dems.