John Durham had a pretty good case against Clinton attorney Michael Sussman for passing along the fraudulent Russia Hoax story to the FBI and not telling them that he was doing it at the request of his client, Hillary Clinton.

Even with most of the damning emails not being allowed in court, it was still an obvious slam dunk case.

But alas, it was a democrat on trial. And one who was involved in Hillary’s corrupt Russia hoax scam and coup against President Trump.

That means, no one is going to jail for anything.

Even though it was an obvious win for Durham, it was always going to be an undeniable clear win for the democrats with the trial set in Washington DC, otherwise known as the Swamp.

And the democrats had their players all set up for the game. 

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Durham never had a chance.

The Judge, Casey Cooper, had all kinds of conflicts of interest.

Cooper was on Obama’s transition team which led Obama to appoint him for a judgeship.

Cooper was “professional acquaintances” with Sussman at the DOJ.

Cooper had a roommate and close friend at Yale named John Rice – brother of Susan Rice.

Cooper’s wife once worked as national security adviser for Eric Holder and has represented Lisa Page in the lawsuit against the FBI for turning over her loving emails about Trump.

When the Coopers got married, guess who officiated the wedding? None other than our current Attorney General Merrick Garland.

But the judge didn’t recuse himself of course.

Durham never had a chance.

And if that’s not bad enough, let’s take a look at the jury.

The Obama judge allowed all kinds of jury members sympathetic to Sussman, Hillary Clinton and the democrat party.

Yep, three Clinton donors were allowed onboard. One of the juror’s husbands even worked for the 2008 Clinton presidential campaign.

Another liberal juror said that the criminal justice system was racist and the police should be defunded.

It was one big democrat love-in. 

Durham never had a chance.