Yes, there was actually a California candidate for governor who ran on a pro-civilization platform. Pretty sad that this was actually a thing.

Water, lights and police. A safe house and community to live in. These are things that we have come to expect in our lives since the day we were born. 

But with democrats in charge, not so much anymore can we expect to live in a civilized society where we can feel safe and afford needed supplies to keep our lives going. Democrat politicians are making sure civilization is going by the wayside.

The leftist dream state of California is destructive and backwards in everything they do and are on radical anti-American steroids to tank their own economy and a decent way of life for the people in their state.

In California, gas is almost $10 a gallon in some places, offshore franking was just banned, crime is rampant in large cities after the democrat’s “Defund the Police” movement, homelessness and drug use is out of control, homes are unaffordable, gas stoves are being banned and worse of all – the government shuts off your electric and rations your water when they feel like it. 

California is a failed experiment of democrat policies and has led to the destruction of the American Dream.

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Conservative talk show host Mark Levin summed up the entire democrat party recently when he said the state is devouring civil society.

No kidding.

And it’s happening at a rapid pace in California.

In opposition to the democrat march of destruction in California, gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellengerger was actually running on a “pro civilization” platform.

He appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and said that we need civilization to protect freedom and the vulnerable. He was previously a democrat – a radical socialist George Soros operative actually. He’s an independent now.

Who knew that a politician would actually have to run on bringing back civilization?

Shellengerger had only got about 4% of the vote when this article was written.

So, not surprisingly, he was rejected by California voters who don’t want civilization back. They want to spread more of it’s destruction – and most likely will be able to do that when they re-elect Gavin Newsom.