Poor little dictator. Looks like President Disaster is a bit upset that his radical dictates and his failing presidency isn’t popular with the American people.

Politico reports that the Prez is frustrated and exasperated that his polling is worse than Orange Man Bad.

It’s hard to imagine why people don’t like him.

He’s bringing in lots of friends across the border for people to get to know.

He’s bringing in lots of drugs across the border to keep everyone supplied.

He’s making sure gas prices necessarily skyrocket to save the planet.

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And he’s making breastfeeding popular again.

He’s doing everything he can to transform the country but the country doesn’t appear to want to transform.

And poor Joe can’t even get good PR as some great magical king because when he says something, his staff tells everyone that he didn’t really mean what he said.

So what’s a president and his political party to do when his radical presidency isn’t putting smiles on the American people?

You spin, you lie, you talk about Trump. You tell everyone that the collapse of the economy and the supply chain is because of a “Putin price hike.”

Unfortunately for dear ole Joe, spin isn’t going to work in 2022 because food and gas prices are in everyone’s face every day. The usual leftist PR isn’t working because reality is overriding it.

Biden can spin and lie and complain about democracy and Trump all he wants but in the end, people care about themselves. Even democrats.

Joe sucks but he isn’t going to change anything. He’s just going to keep complaining even though we’re the ones suffering. None of his disastrous policies actually affect him.