So Biden recently declared that we all feel “more financially comfortable” since he became president.

What planet is he living on?

I’m more financially uncomfortable than any other time in my life because I don’t know what the future holds with President Disaster in charge.

And with Biden as president, we never know which president we are going to get on any given day – or what is really going on.

Sometimes Biden acts mentally deteriorated and doesn’t know what is going on and has to be led around by the Easter Bunny or his wife.

Other times, he makes what the news media calls “gaffes” but are really slip-ups of telling the truth. His truth at least.

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Other times, he totally lies his butt off whether it’s about Amtrak, the border, the republicans or important security matters.

The longstanding argument about who democrats are has always been whether they are evil or incompetent. 

Right now, they appear to be both and Biden is the frontman of their radical and destructive chaos.

Recently, Biden reportedly chastised his staff for correcting things that he has said, telling them it makes him look weak. Apparently, he stands behind his “gaffes” as the truth. He wants his words to stand.

Back in 1987, Biden told reporters, “I feel very capable of using my mouth in synch with my mind.”

No one else does.