So many of our issues in America, and indeed in the West, stem from an inversion of the values that made this country great.

Since the 60s and early 70s, gaining speed in the 90s, we’ve taken noble efforts, institutions, and values and twisted and mutilated them as to make them currently unrecognizable.

So, honor becomes toxic masculinity, the civil rights movement becomes BLM, colleges become indoctrination centers, entertainment becomes PC conditioning, and both political parties become, to an extent, fun house reflections of their former selves.

The Republican Party is today in the hands of a mob of populists. There is a resistance to that, but the mob reigns and its demagogue is the likely nominee in 2024. To make the Republicans pay for that the Democrat kangaroo court January 6th committee hearings are using a divide and conquer strategy.

They know that a small portion of the approximately 30 percent of conservative Republicans who oppose populism, combined with swing voters and independents, could mitigate the upcoming Democrat November disaster. That’s why the committee has seemed almost tame and has focused on talking points meant to appeal to the above-mentioned groups. By using the words of Republicans against Trump and by portraying Pence as a hero they tap into Republican frustrations with Trump and with the justifiable view of Pence as a straight shooting decent man.  Swings and independents may then be more willing to consider moderate Democrats in November, given the populist spectre that hovers over the Republican Party as allegedly evidenced by January 6th.

One problem. There are few moderate Democrats. For if the Republicans have their issues with Trump and populism, they pale in comparison with the wholesale takeover of the Democrat Party by authoritarian socialists.

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Many of the examples of value inversions previously mentioned stem directly from this reason. The Democrat rejection of fact for emotion and empiricism for ideology has infected the entire culture and political discourse of the United States. They have made Thought Police socialism at least publicly fashionable for billionaire cultural capitalists.

Culturally the impact has been seismic. Those in the creative arts, as they professionally inhabit a world of make believe, have an aversion to reason and logic in the first place because cold hard reality rarely gets you a standing ovation at the Tony Awards or a literary prize and a lecture tour. So they gravitate towards the hypocrisy of ideology and the irrational fanaticism of everlasting youth.

It’s the reason so many pronouncements of the left sound like whining teenagers and why they can make a cottage industry out of January 6th but don’t give a flying fornication about an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice. Their ire and indignation are extremely selective because anything else would harken back to an America before they got their filthy mits on it. A return to traditional values across the spectrum, truly fair and level playing field values, would right the inversion and actually make America great again.