Yes, I’m sure if you read me regularly, you will find me complaining a LOT about product shortages, closed stores and shortened hours.

That’s because it keeps happening.

It is not safe going anywhere anymore and expecting a store or restaurant to be open or have what you need.

Today, I was quite surprised when I went into my local (always very busy) 7-Eleven and found signs all over the door. I had to linger by the door an extra five minutes to read them all.

They are short staffed and are cutting their hours for the next few days. They are hiring for $17 an hour which is about the going rate in my area.

Although it looked like 7-Eleven still has the mornings covered to open by 7 am (but not earlier when I drive by), their later hours did not go to 11 pm as their name states.

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I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this. The “Dollar” Store is now the $1.25 store.

And in the United States of America, we can’t find baby formula or tampons. 

Or hamburger that costs less than a Rolex watch.

This is where you end up when you vote for democrats. Although to be fair, in this particular situation, this is what happens when the democrats cheat to install an incompetent president.

Maybe some of my liberal (not leftist) relatives, friends and associates will finally get it through their thick skulls that the democrats are their enemy. They DON’T CARE about the people in the country. They only care about themselves.

It’s pretty sad that we have save up our pennies to buy gas to go to the store only to find it closed or out of what we need to buy.

Build back better?

Not even close.