Mothers across America can’t find baby formula for their infants and the democrat party hasn’t been acting like it’s an emergency at all.

It’s only because of the constant coverage of the problem by the conservative media that has finally moved The White House to pretend they are doing something about it.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki told a reporter on Thursday, when asked what took them so long to respond, that they HAVE been working on supply issues and engaging with the FDA. They just haven’t been broadcasting is. 

Geez. That’s even worse. It’s been three months since the closing of Abbott Nutrition and what have the democrats accomplished? Nothing. It’s another FUBAR result of ineptness, inefficiency and idiots who don’t know what they are doing. 

The lawmakers in the House aren’t taking things seriously either. They will be having a hearing about the problem but it won’t be happening for a few weeks. 

Yes, WEEKS. It’s not scheduled until May 25th.

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Meanwhile, parents are freaking out, not being able to find the nutrition that their babies need. I even read about one mother who was forced to put a feeding tube in her infant after being unable to find the only formula that her baby could tolerate.

Shortage problems with baby formula started back in July of 2021, even before the recall of formula at Abbott Nutrition in February of this year. So the Biden administration had to know that there was going to be a problem.

Utah republican Senator Mitt Romney wrote a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and FDA Commissioner Robert Califf. He said, “Given the serious implications of the current shortage on infant health, I am deeply concerned about the apparent lack of an effective mitigation strategy. In its attempt to balance safety from contaminated product and safe infant development through formula access, FDA is achieving neither objective.”

Outgoing and not very sympathetic Press Secretary Jen Psaki had said earlier that it was the FDA’s problem and that they had no national stockpile of baby formula.

And when asked what parents should do if they can’t find product to feed their babies, Psaki referred them to their doctor or pediatrician.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported that republicans “sounded the alarm Thursday after discovering baby formula is being sent to border facilities while American mothers are facing empty shelves amid massive shortages.”

Big surprise, right?

When the incoming Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked who is running point on the issue in the White House, she giggled and said she didn’t know. Even Obama would have appointed a baby formula czar to look like he was doing something.

Trump would never have let this happen. He’d issue Executive Orders and use the Defense Production Act to get things back on track. We’d have a baby formula task force set up. 

But Biden is too busy being led around by the Easter Bunny to know what is going on in the country – or come up with any solutions to anything. 

Seriously, the FDA shuts down a HUGE manufacturer of our country’s baby formula and didn’t immediately come up with a back up plan???

The democrat’s war on babies isn’t just about baby formula though.

The real war – the sickness of the democrats – was on full display in the Senate the other day when they voted on what they called the “Women’s Health Protection Act.” 

All of the democrats (except Joe Manchin) voted on an infanticide bill which would have guaranteed abortion rights for women to be able to kill their babies right up to the moment of their birth.

The democrat party is truly a SICK party in more ways than one and they don’t just hate the American people – they hate their babies as well.