The recent school shootings resulting in the deaths of two teachers and 19 kids at a Texas elementary school was an evil and horrendous tragedy. 

But if any of those kids hadn’t been wanted by their mother, the pro-choice democrats would have celebrated their demise years earlier.

Evil is all around us every day and most of it is ignored. 

All lives matter – except to democrats.

Some of the evil is preventable, or at least could be slowed down, but democrat policies allow criminals with long rap sheets to get back out on the streets over and over again – free to harm and kill innocent people. 

For the democrats, criminals are currently more important than law abiding citizens are.

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For the democrats, illegal aliens are more important than the Americans killed by the Fentanyl they are bringing into the country.

Over the years, the democrats have been choosing whose lives are important and whose aren’t.

To them, black lives matter but only if they are killed by white police.

In Chicago, black lives don’t matter at all.

As of January 2022, at least 276 kids who were 16-years-old and younger were shot in Chicago, 43 of them younger than 13 – and most in the neighborhoods of black and brown communities.

The democrats and their media cohorts pay no attention to this. There is no outrage. The democrat mayor of Chicago is useless to the people in her community and every week the shootings continue. And so do the deaths.

A person is only victim if they are defined as one by the democrats and the leftist media. 

Our lives only matter if we are one of their protected voter classes and they can get good PR from using us in order to get elected.