The always inappropriate Whoopi Goldberg went on a tirade the other day on The View when she was talking about the recent elementary school shooting. She said, “…I swear to God if I see another republican senator talking about their heart being broken, I’m gonna go punch somebody…” 

She went on to complain about having to listen to their “thoughts and prayers.”

So her answer for the day was to threaten violence to condemn violence. 

That makes perfect sense. 

To a democrat.

Whoopi shouldn’t even still have a job on The View after her racist comments on the Holocaust but there’s quite a low bar to be a co-host on that show.

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You really don’t have to have much intelligence to be a co-host on The View – or have to ever tell the truth. 

Whether it’s the Russia hoax or any other lie that the democrats have pushed over the past few years, the chicks on The View have always been counted on to parrot the democrat narrative of the day.

After Whoopi spoke, her buddy Joyless Behar went on to tell everyone that mental disease isn’t behind the shootings going on and she said that people don’t kill people – guns kill people. Miss Smartypants also said that good guys don’t stop bad guys with guns. 


I wonder who it was then that shot and killed the school shooter?