No, this is not a story about a remake of a LGBTQ+ “When Harry Met Sally.”

This a story about the lives we used to live – the things we have lost and the new existence that we have grown accustomed to.

I like to watch older TV shows, not only because most of the new stuff is crap but also because it reminds me of a simpler life. 

The older stuff has morals and values and the lives lived are closer to the Constitution without the federal government involved in every facet of our lives.

Last night while looking for a comedy on Netflix, I found nothing interesting as usual so I decided to Watch “When Harry Met Sally.” I’ve probably watched parts of it more than 20 times but this is only the second time I watched it all the way through.

The film was made in 1989. 

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Back in the days when we still had most of our freedoms.

I marveled at their carefree lives.

They weren’t wearing masks.

They were packed together in a crowded diner.

They could walk down the streets of NYC and not get assaulted.

They could afford to drive from Chicago to NYC.

Businesses were not closed or boarded up because of vandalism, arson or Covid shutdowns.

Antifa, BLM, homeless drug addicts and abortion protesters weren’t blocking the streets.

When you watch TV shows and movies from the past, you realize how much our lives have changed – and not just since 1989. 

I’m talking about from the day of Biden’s inauguration – but even before that with all of the tyrannical shutdown orders from our governors who decided to lockdown the country state by state.

Somehow the democrat tyrants got a hold of our daily lives. And most of us let them. We complied. They scared us, they threatened us and we complied.

Now we are living a new reality where we can’t afford to do what we want or live the lives we want or say what we want because of the democrats.

They have all but destroyed the economy and the usual flow of goods and services – and when you don’t have the money you need, you lose your choices and your freedoms.

Mothers can’t even find baby formula and the government doesn’t seem to care. In their quest for power, the democrats have taken a wrecking ball to our lives.

The only thing the democrats are good at is destroying things – and then instead of governing, they spend all of their time on PR and spin control to tell us that what we’re seeing with our own eyes and what we’re living isn’t really happening. Or if it is, it’s because of republicans.

Instead of Harry meeting Sally, Harry met Joey Biden on January 20, 2021 and it’s been an epic ratings disaster ever since.