Yes, all signs point to a “red wave” in November and it would be lovely if the republicans control the House and Senate even though Biden will push through whatever he wants through Executive Orders.

But what are the republicans going to do? What are they running on? What are their plans to “save America”?

Do the republicans intend to just be a dam and not a bulldozer and construction crew? 

Do they have any plans at all to turn around the current state of affairs?

I have looked around and see a hodgepodge of issues that republicans are running on.

Senator Mike Crapo in Idaho has 21 issues listed on his website. Good Lord. Under priorities, one of the things listed is his support of increasing access to affordable health care. Is he a democrat?

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Senator John Thune of South Dakota has 18 priorities. 

I’m glad that they list how they feel about every little issue but I see platitudes and promises – no real plans and no consistent themes that show they understand our urgent concerns. I see no ideas put forth on how they will represent us and govern after a victory.

I don’t even know if they have a clue about the top issues that are important to us.

It’s the economy, stupid – followed closely by security, crime and illegal immigration issues – and protecting kids from the woke mobs in schools. But mostly the economy and the supply chain. That’s what we face every day.

I also see no urgency on the part of our republican House and Senate candidates to fix the immediate dangers that the democrats have created.

The country is slowly (sometimes quickly) being destroyed just like Ukraine – a frog in a boiling pot of water. 

And what is the plan of the republicans to stop it – and to make America great again?

At this point, it seems like the only promise we have of a “save America” agenda comes from choosing whoever Trump endorses – but that still doesn’t give us any meaningful outline of how they are actually going to save America after they are elected.

34 Senate seats are up for election in November, 21 held by republicans and 14 held by democrats and we don’t know what the republicans are running on.

And who will be our leaders? McConnell? McCarthy?

Give me a break. 

Those are the people we need to rely on who will be at the front of the line to save America? God help us all.