Black Lives Matter (BLM) was a fraud from the beginning. Worse than that. A terrorist organization. They rioted, they lit buildings on fire, they assaulted police, they killed people. 

They used their influence to shakedown corporations all over the country so companies would be “exempt” from being targeted during the George Floyd protests and would be seen as being woke and caring about racial issues.

Millions of dollars were donated to BLM and, no surprise, a lot of it is unaccounted for.

That’s because those in charge of the money wanted to live lavish lifestyles and buy mansions instead of actually helping black lives.

Recently, conservative and Daily Wire host Candace Owens went to what is believed to be Cullor’s $1.4 million mansion and went up to the gate to talk to the security guard. She asked to see Cullors but was turned away. She was there to ask about the $6 million property bought by BLM.

Owens was not threatening and had no signs saying “abort Cullors.”

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Amidst the leftists harassing the Supreme Court Justices at their homes and the media and all the democrats being perfectly fine with it, Cullors still took to social media to cry and whine about being “harassed.”

Only republicans can be harassed, not democrats. And harassment to a democrat is merely asking them questions they don’t want to answer.

Cullors cried about being threatened. She said, “I really need my family to be safe. I need to be safe. I need my child to be safe, and what happened this morning is not safety.”

She continued, “It’s unacceptable and it’s dangerous for anybody, any stranger, to come outside of my house.”

Really? Unacceptable? What ever happened to freedom of speech? Isn’t that what we’re told about the protesters in front of the homes of the Supreme Court justices – that they must be allowed their freedom of speech?

Cullors has a gate and a security guard. One little female conservative showing up at her gate is not anything to cry about. Cullors has nothing to fear except getting exposed for her corruption and greed while she was with the BLM organization.